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List of One and Two Day Workshops for 2019

I have decided on the final list of One and Two Day Workshops for Spring 2019.

I hope there’s something here which appeals to you. It’s great fun spending a day or two working creatively alongside other like-minded people. Lunch time tends to be a very sociable occassion too.

Workshop for a handmade textile Art Scarf by Dorothy Russell

The list is below:-

  • Sunday 24th March and Sunday 31st March 2019
    Two Day Workshop
    Mandala Applique

  • Sunday 14th April 2019
    One Day Workshop
    Lacey Scarf

  • Sunday 28th April 2019
    One Day Workshop

  • Sunday 5th May and Sunday 12th May 2019
    Two Day Workshop
    Machine Quilting with Trapunto

  • Sunday 26th May 2019
    One Day Workshop
    Lettering for Quilts and Textiles

One Day Workshops cost £35.00
Two Day Workshops cost £65.00

Quilt Lettering Workshop by Dorothy Russell

Apart from the popular, requested ‘Notan’, all the workshops are new for this Spring.
All workshops will be taught at Talgai Hall, Llandygai Village, nr Bangor, Gwynedd LL57 4HU

To put your name down for a workshop, or to ask for more information, please email me via the Contact Page or call me on 07941 102185

On payment for a workshop, you will be sent a Requirement Sheet.

Dorothy Russell
27 January 2019

Spring series of quilt workshops in 2019

I intend to offer another Spring series of quilt workshops in 2019 at Talgai Hall, Llandygai, near Bangor, but haven’t yet finalised arrangements: they will appear on this website soon.

There has been a long gap since the last blog and a lot has happened:

In 2018 we moved house – a big move, not a great distance but a very big change in our lives and quite exciting.

Also during the year, as a member of Cwilt Cymru, my work was exhibited in a number of venues: Stockport Art Gallery, Macclesfield Silk Museum, Minerva Arts Centre in Llanidloes and Swansea Art Gallery, as part of Swansea Festival of Stitch.

Define failure-success

Following a slight ‘house-move’ induced gap, I have recently returned to working on two silk hangings which I have now begun to quilt.

History is obscure

Before we moved, I also dyed three pieces of cotton fabric red, in preparation for a hanging based on the massacre of the Druids and Celts in their last stronghold, on the Isle of Anglesey.

Menai massacre - peices

This hanging will form part of the travelling exhibition ‘Song of the Celts’ including work by Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish Quilters. It follows the very popular exhibition, ‘Spirit of the Celts’, which was shown in galleries in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and France; it also had a gallery in Festival of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingham.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone and here’s to lots of creativity in 2019.


5th January 2019

Silk painting workshop 4th June 2017

Silk Painting Workshop at Talgai Hall, Llandygai Village.

I taught my Silk Painting workshop in Talgai Hall, Llandygai Village. The hall stands beside the village church. The location is idyllic. It’s the perfect place to hold my workshops. I love teaching silk painting.

A student's piece of silk painting from my Silk Painting workshop

Design for my Silk Painting Workshop

People who think they can’t paint, discover they can. I bring a selection of designs to the workshop, so the first task is to chose one and trace it onto a piece of silk.

Next, the silk is carefully pinned ‘drum tight’ to a wooden frame. Gutta is gently squeezed along all the pencil lines to stop silk paint bleeding from one area to another. On Sunday, we left the gutta to dry while we had lunch.

In the afternoon we began silk painting. One of the most wonderful things about silk painting happens at this stage. As you add paint to an area, it spreads to fill the space. It’s a little like magic. Silk is such a special fabric and it accepts the silk paint so beautifully. Salt sprinkled onto wet silk paint will add visual texture. Once dry the paint is heat set.

Silk painting is the most lovely technique and it is brilliant when people leave my workshop saying how much they have enjoyed it.

a short video about the silk painting workshop

Sunday 4th June 2017

Free-cut curves workshop by Dorothy Russell

Free-cut Curves Workshop on Sunday 7 May 2017

My workshop on Sunday 7th May was busy. Free-cut curves differs from standard piecing methods in that you use a rotary cutter and mat, but no ruler. Hence the name Free-cut Curves!

Students at the free-cut curves workshop by Dorothy Russell

I have a lovely group of quilters. I know some but met others for the first time on Sunday. A few of the group live locally, but Maggie, Anne and Julia travel 100 to 140 miles for my classes and workshops. Jill however, drove over 570 miles from Southampton and back, staying in a B&B just to do my Free-cut workshop. I feel very honoured. Thank you Jill.

A section of a Free-cut curve piece laid out prior to quilting

You can’t plan exactly what your quilt top will look like using the free-cut piecing method. You have to develop your ideas as you go. Once you get into the method, it’s very liberating and great fun.

The day went by very quickly and the results were individual and very interesting. My next workshop will be on Sunday 14th May when I will be teaching Wholecloth Quilting. This form of quilting is very traditional and totally different from Free-cut Curves. Some of the people doing Wholecloth with me have just done Free-cut Curves, so I’ll have the pleasure of their company again on 14th.


The Perfect Christmas Present – Private tuition in Patchwork and Quilting

The Perfect Christmas Present – Private Tuition in Patchwork and Quilting at Coed y Berclas

Before Christmas 2016, Richard D phoned me to arrange a day of Private Tuition in Patchwork and Quilting for his wife, Lisa. I give Private Tuition workshops in Patchwork and Quilting at Coed y Berclas but it was a secret until Christmas Day. Lisa told me how very excited she was to open her card and read about her perfect Christmas present.

Private Tuition in Patchwork and Quilting

Private tuition allows me to arrange specially tailored one or two day courses in Patchwork and Quilting. You can read more about Private Tuition here.

Richard and I had agreed on 1 May for Lisa’s lesson. As I was already teaching Free Machine Quilting on Sunday 30th April, Lisa joined the group for that workshop and learned exciting new skills she had not expected.

On 1 May, Richard brought Lisa for her Private Tuition Christmas present. Some things are worth waiting for! She spent the day with me making Log Cabin blocks. This taught her accurate use of a rotary cutter, mat and ruler. We also concentrated on careful and accurate piecing. From control of the basics of Patchwork piecing, Lisa will be able to tackle any block she chooses.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Lisa – we had a lovely day together. I know how much Lisa learned over the day and so does she. Lisa, you are a lovely person, you worked hard and visibly improved over our day together. Keep up the Patchwork and Quilting. You’re good. Richard, thank you from both of us, for choosing the perfect Christmas present, a day of Private Tuition in Patchwork and Quilting at Coed y Berclas.


‘Textiles in Transition’ Textile Art by Dorothy Russell at Ucheldre, Holyhead. 26th April to 29th May 2017

Textiles in Transition, my exhibition of Quilted Textile Art

Space Beyond. Textile Art by Dorothy Russell  

‘Textiles in Transition’ is my current Textile Art exhibition, it is a display comprising twenty one pieces of work based in Quilting. It is always a privilege being offered the opportunity to exhibit work to the public. I feel particular warmth towards the gallery so many thanks to Mike Gould, Ucheldre’s artistic director, for the invitation. Thanks also to all the staff for being so helpful and welcoming. Ucheldre is a charismatic building for an exhibition space and theatre. The exhibition opening was today, Saturday 29th April.

My Talks

Mike invited me to deliver an opening talk on ‘Textiles in Transition’ in the theatre area. Eunice Lord’s busy WEA Quilt group shared the exhibition opening. I deliver talks on my textile art whilst the pieces of work are held up, visible, to the audience by my assistant and Obedient Husband. My work is hanging in the gallery, on the other side of the wall, so I depended on interesting descriptions to enthuse my audience of Quilters.

Dorothy Russell exhibition of Textile Art at Ucheldre Holyhead

In my talks, I like to explain a little about my background, then describe my exhibited work in detail. I like to describe each piece’s development with historical inspiration and something of the source material and techniques I use. I was delighted to have my sister-in-law, Catrin, in the audience, along with Edna, a member of my Intermediate group. They knew more about my talk than I did!.

I spoke on Textiles in Transition for about an hour and at the end received a round of applause – always reassuring!. Later, I made myself available for questions in the Ucheldre gallery, and spoke to some lovely and enthusiastic guests.

Dorothy Russell at her Ucheldre exhibition talking to guests

Finally, I will be teaching a ‘Free Machine Quilting’ workshop at Llandygai Hall tomorrow where one of the ladies present at the gallery will be in the group – well two actually – Edna will be there and I can’t wait!


Y Senedd Quilt exhibition ‘Textiles in Transition’

‘Textiles in Transition’- Y Senedd, Cardiff -27th March to 20th April 2017 then to Ucheldre, Holyhead, Anglesey – 26th April to 29th May 2017

Ceiling of Y Senedd. Dorothy Russell 'Textiles in Transition' Quilt exhibition.

There has been a lot going on recently. The most exciting event is my exhibition, ‘Textiles in Transition’ which is at Y Senedd (The Welsh Assembly Building) in Cardiff, from 27th March to 20th April 2017. This has been a brilliant experience.

The building has some beautiful internal features and there are many visitors.

Dorothy Russell Quilt exhibition at Y Senedd in Cardiff

My sponsor is Rhun Ap Iorwerth AM, the Assembly Member representing The Isle of Anglesey. His Office Manager at Y Senedd, Heledd Roberts, has been very helpful. It was lovely to meet her on our first visit. Paul Pulvirenti, Front of House Manager, is my main contact. He has been very organised and supportive, as well as being great fun to meet and chat with – keep cycling Paul!

Dorothy Russell 'Textiles in Transition' Quilt exhibition at Y Senedd in Cardiff

When it has completed its time in Cardiff, my exhibition will transfer to Ucheldre, Holyhead, Anglesey. It will be there from 26th April to 29th May 2017.


Finished Beginners’ Quilts

Beginners Course 2017

The 16th March 2017 saw the last class of my twelve session Beginners’ Course. I have enjoyed teaching beginners for many years and I intend to develop workshops and courses via the internet. I will still teach Intermediate/Advanced Courses in Talgai Hall, Llandygai Village, near Bangor.

Here are just some of the finished works

Beginners' Quilts 2017 Beginners' Quilts 2017 Beginners' Quilts 2017

I’m very proud of the Quilts made by this years Beginners. I’m sure you’ll agree. They look far more advanced than beginners’ work. Well, they aren’t beginners any more!! Well done to all of you and thank you for being so hard working and such good company. Keep quilting. X


Festival of Quilts Aug 16 NEC

The biggest event in the quilting calendar is The Festival of Quilts. The Festival is organised by The Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles in conjunction with Upper Street Events Ltd. The National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, is a great venue with good access from the UK motorways. Birminghan International railway station and the International Airport are both just a short distance away. You can understand why the Festival of Quilts has masses of visitors every year from the UK and abroad.

That’s the dry information. What Festival of Quilts is really about is quilted textiles of all types. Over 700 quilts are entered into sixteen different competitive categories. There are three additional awards. Quilts range from miniatures and traditional, through Contemporary and Art Quilts, to those entered by schools. The range of skills on display is mind boggling.

The images below are just some of the winners at the Festival of Quilts Aug 2016 NEC

Quilts at the 2016 Festival of Quilts. NEC. Quilts at the 2016 Festival of Quilts. NEC.

In addition to the competitions, there are individual galleries displaying the work of leading quilt artists and groups from around the world. I enjoy looking through these galleries, and talking to the artists about their work.

Quilts at the 2016 Festival of Quilts. NEC. Quilts at the 2016 Festival of Quilts. NEC.

Not every gallery will catch the imagination, but it’s certain that something will be there to stimulate and excite. This year my favourites included the work of Sandra Meech, Edwina McKinnon, Claire Benn, Ingrid Press. I especially appreciated talking to Cecile Trentini about the series of work in her gallery.

Quilts at the 2016 Festival of Quilts. NEC.

Quilters’ Guild membership

The Festival of Quilts is a great place to meet like minded people. You can become a member of the Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles online here. I have been a member since the mid 1980s and really feel part of something special. I bumped into a number of people I know and met up with some of the other members of Cwilt Cymru – which was fun.

In addition to all the quilts on display, there is another big attraction at Festival of Quilts. There are 272 stands selling all sorts of things necessary to quilters – well, if not necessary, at least very appealling!

Stands at the 2016 Festival of Quilts. NEC.

I could only go to the show on Thursday but it is open for four days, and some of the long list of workshops on offer start before the official opening day.

What did I buy? That’s the question asked the moment we have all settled in for the return journey. There’s usually a mini ‘show and tell’. Well, since you ask, I bought a new cutting board, a book by Jane Dunnewold, some threads and some pieces of coloured silk fabric. Now I need the inspiration to turn them into quilted textiles for my next exhibition. I also brought back some warm memories which will keep me going until next year.


Textile Artwork in development

Sometimes textile artwork doesn’t take an expected route.

One piece of work I abandoned, temporarily, is now setting off in a new direction and I’m feeling much happier already about how it’s developing through colour, fabric use, stitch and the underlying message.

take a look…


Dorothy Russell

I teach them to be creative

A quilting friend told me she recognised that I don’t just teach my students how to follow a pattern, I teach them to be creative and think their way through their own ideas. This was great to hear because that’s exactly what I aim to do.

Developing a Notan in a Dorothy Russell workshop

The concept of creativity can be intimidating to people not used to thinking of themselves in those terms. I tend to encourage ‘play’ and ‘experimentation’ rather than asking them to ‘take a creative approach’. I rarely use the word ‘design’ for the same reason. However, everyone is creative and can develop ideas, and take them to a creative conclusion, given gentle guidance.

Dorothy Russell workshop. Illustrating a Notan idea

A lecturing collegue of mine, many years ago, told a group of new students that they would learn as much from each other as from the teaching staff. He also said the teaching staff would learn from fresh ideas brought in by students.

Centre piece of a Notan in development. Dorothy Russell workshop   Centre piece of a Notan in development. Dorothy Russell workshop   Centre piece of a Notan in development. Dorothy Russell workshop

This is absolutely true. When he said this, I was young and new to lecturing. It made me think deeply about the meaning of teaching and it has stuck with me over the years.

Table arrangement in Dorothy Russell's workshops at Llandygai, Bangor

The work tables in Talgai Hall are set out in a rectangle, with a space in the middle, ensuring that communication within the group is easy. Each quilter can see how everyone else’s work is progressing, and can learn.

It was a joy to see the black and white paper Notan images developing. Individual, complex and inspired designs appeared at this stage. It’s evident to me that students who have completed courses with me take a much more creative and experimental approach to each new challenge. In turn, everyone in the group gains from an aspirational environment.

Patchwork and Quilting workshops

My Patchwork and Quilting workshops at Talgai Hall are social occassions as well as classes. I meet some people for the first time, which is always great fun. I also see members of my Beginners’ and Intermediate/Advanced Courses, who I haven’t seen since March. In addition, quilters who attended earlier Patchwork and Quilting workshops and courses, come to learn a new skill. It makes a very enjoyable day.

By the end of the workshop, I could have given everyone a big hug. What a lovely, hard working group. I look forward to receiving images of their finished Notan textiles.

Next Beginners’ Course

Detail from a Dorothy Russell beginner's quilt   Detail from a Dorothy Russell beginner's quilt



Now I need a new group for my next Beginners’ Course in Patchwork and Quilting.

It starts in September and runs, in twelve sessions, until March 2017.

Detail from a Dorothy Russell beginner's quilt



Could you be a keen learner? Would you like to find out how to do Patchwork and Quilting? …more

11 June 2016

Notan Workshop at Castle Court

I had a lovely day today with Shropshire Quilters at Castle Court Quilter in Whittington, for a Notan workshop.

Whittington Castle in Shropshire

We were up early and Daf drove me to the pretty village of Whittington, near Oswestry. Castle Court Quilter, shop and workshop, is directly across the street from Whittington Castle. The attractive castle ruins are in the heart of the village on a site which has been inhabited for two thousand years.

Whittington street opposite the Castle

The workroom was a really pleasant space with good light and sturdy tables. Daf had brought stands with him to hang my large ‘Notan’ piece. Although we would be working on a fairly small scale during the workshop, it’s good to show that Notan can be made any size.
Notan is a Japanese system of paper cutting, but can be applied to other media. It’s a great starting point for textile work. I showed some examples to the group, then started them on the first step of the process.

large room at Castle Court Quilter, Whittington for a Dorothy Russell Notan workshop   laying tracing paper over design in a Notan workshop. Dorothy Russell drawing  over design onto tracing paper in a Notan workshop. Dorothy Russell

On a black square of paper they drew their initial design.

They then cut along all the lines they had drawn. On an A2 piece of white paper they aligned the core or the design, then, flipping some of the pieces, they completed their layout and we took time to look at everyone’s black and white Notan designs. I can tell when there’s real concentration in a workshop by the silence in the room. The Shropshire Quilters were very quiet.

ironing bondaweb. Dorothy Russell Notan workshop

The next task was to transfer the paper design to fabric.
Everyone traced her Notan design onto bondaweb adhesive then ironed that to the back of one of her chosen fabrics.

cutting  and trimming the shapes for Notancutting  and trimming

After more cutting out, each fabric was correctly placed on the front of a second piece of fabric and carefully ironed in place. Bondaweb adhesive is heat activated, it melts under the iron. The trick is not to get it on the iron or ironing-board!

Notan pieces of work from the Notan workshop by Dorothy Russell

The final designs were all very different, because of both the layout and the choice of fabrics.
I then explained the next stages of this Notan workshop would be completed at home. The piece would be layered with wadding and backing, then quilted and embellished as each quilter chose.
We had a lovely day at Castle Court Quilter, with the Shropshire Quilters, and they all thanked me for the Notan workshop, which was lovely. They also gave me a card which they had all signed and put little messages in. What a thoughtful thing to do. Thank you all.

21st May 2016

2016 Reverse Applique Workshop

Reverse Applique Quilting workshop

Reverse Applique Workshop may 2016 by Dorothy Russell

Machine Quilting and Wholecloth are both now completed for this year.
Last Sunday’s workshop was Reverse Applique, a system which changes the way of thinking about applique. Usually, applique implies pieces of fabric added to the surface of a quilt. In Reverse Applique, there is an extra layer.

In this workshop, we used lots of ‘scraps’ of fabric. The top layer is then placed and secured to complete the ‘sandwich, then stitched down in a pattern. Sections are cut away to reveal areas of the ‘scrappy’ layer beneath.

It’s fun to do because you are never sure what will be revealed in the cut-away, and you can play around with colours in the ‘scrappy layer’ to enhance the effect. Once all the design is cut away from the top layer, it’s time to enhance the piece with hand and machine stitching, and the addition of couching and beading.

It’s a busy workshop with lots to teach and great results. This technique can produce stunning images. Everyone left the workshop buzzing with ideas.

Keep eye on my workshops and courses page for future workshops at llandygai.

I’m a tired but happy teacher!

17th May 2016

Last Session of the Intermediate/Advanced Course 2015-16

Thursday 17th was the last day of the course but we’ll be back together in September with new members from the Beginners’ Course joining us.

During the course I asked everyone to bring in a photo of a landscape which held a special association or memory. [carousel_slide id=”3102″] From each image we developed fractured designs to develop through textiles and step by step each member developed her own piece of work.

The journey through the course was as much about developing an idea and a way of working as it was about the final piece of work. I’m very proud of what each member of the group has achieved.

Although the course has ended for now, I can look forward to seeing everyone during the ‘One and Two Day Workshops between April and June and we’ll be back together in September.

18th March 2016

Last Session of the Beginners’ Course 2015-16.

I can never believe how quickly time flies: it seems like hardly any time since the first class last September and here we are on the last day of the Course.

I’ve really enjoyed teaching this group and most of them will be back in September on the Intermediate Course.

I always love to see how each quilt takes on its own personality and you can see for yourself how the layout is adapted by choice of pattern, colour and block design, to reflect each maker. It’s this individualisation which makes teaching so interesting and rewarding.

[carousel_slide id=”3091″]

These are some of my students with their Beginners’ Quilts

The last class was about putting a hanger and label on each quilt, so everyone had to decide on a name for her quilt – the label contains the maker’s name, the place she comes from, the quilt name and the year it was made. Actually most of the quilts still have hand quilting to complete but you can see in the images how they will look when entirely finished.

Last session of Beginners Course 2016 by Dorothy Russell

We marked the day with a ‘Pot Luck Lunch’ where everyone brought food to share and we enjoyed a very good meal. I always enjoy lunchtime, not just because of the food, but because we have some very interesting conversations; sometimes funny, sometimes stimulating, usually both.

Although there was an end of term feel to the end of the day, I can look forward to seeing most of ‘The Beginners’ during my ‘One and Two Day Workshops between April and June.

11th March 2016

Back to Teaching My Beginners and Intermediate/Advanced Courses. New Quilting Course for 2016.

Now that Christmas is over and my students have ceased to be hostesses etc and have returned to the serious work of Patchwork and Quilting, we are back to our regular sessions at Talgai Hall. It’s lovely to see everyone again and the work is developing really well.

Dorothy Russell Beginners Quilting class 2015/16

The Beginners nearly all have their quilts layered and some have started hand-quilting them. It is always a joy to see the finished tops as each one is totally individual and really lovely: I’ll put a photo of each one on the website when they are closer to being finished. I’m enjoying working on the project alongside them, so I’ll include my own quilt with the images.

I have booked the dates for the next Beginners’ Course which will start on Thursday 8th September 2016 and run for twelve sessions. The dates, times and prices are now on the ‘Welcome’ page.

If you think you’d like to do the Beginners’ Course, email or call me for a chat.

The Intermediate/Advanced Group are working on Landscapes: they have chosen a photo of a landscape which is important to them in some way and to which they relate personally. They have used this image as a jumping off point to create a fractured image in textiles of their landscape. The group is made up of very highly skilled individuals now (though they would all blush at the thought!) and the results of their work so far are beautiful. When the work has developed further I will post images on the blog. I’m also working on landscapes, so I’ll post images of my work too.

17th January 2016

Cwilt Cymru Exhibition, ‘Connections’

Some of the Comments about Our Work – Cwilt Cymru Exhibition, ‘Connections’ – Shown in The Futures Gallery, The Pierhead, Cardiff 2nd November to 4th December 2015

Great feedback – thank you to everyone who visited our exhibition.

The exhibition, ‘Connections’ will be travelling with Grosvenor Exhibitions during the next few months.

Great talent. Fab exhibition. Alun Richard

A wonderful exhibition depicting some very powerful subjects. A lot of things to think about. KG and ER

An insight into what can be achieved with quilt stories. Liz M

Great overall impact and so much of beauty and interest to see in detail. Sarah

Very interesting and exciting pieces of work, and very moving. Stephanie

Creffwaith penigamp. Diolch. Rhyfeddu at amynedd a dyfalbarhad yr artistiaid. Llongyfarchiadau! Darnau ‘Gwenllian” yn drawiadol iawn. Gwych iawn. Alun

A refreshing change. Combining skill, beauty and meaning. A rare treat. D Brown

I enjoyed looking at the beautiful art display. Shahid

Interesting exhibition, a rare treat for the eyes and brain. G

Arddangosfa hyfryd a braf gweld delweddau o Ynys Mon, a gwaith crefftwyr o’r ynys, yma yn y Pierhead. Beautiful craftsmanship and Anglesey on show too. Rhun ap Iorwerth AC/AM


Talk and Workshop with Solway Quilters in Dumfries

Dumfries Bridge Nov 2015

On 20th November, we travelled up the M6 and crossed the border into Scotland, heading for the home of our lovely hosts Sue and Peter. When they lived in North Wales Sue had been one of my students and it was lovely to have the opportunity to see her again and meet Peter (and their lovely cats). We were immediately made to feel very welcome and thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

It wasn’t just a social visit however, that evening I gave a talk about my work to Solway Quilters – they were a lively, welcoming and interested group and it was lovely responding to all their questions – Daf was as busy as I was: after all the experience he’s had of talks and my work, he’s well qualified! We didn’t leave the hall until well after ten and it was a slightly icy drive back to Sue and Peter’s.

Dorothy Russell Workshop with Solway Quilters in Dumfries

The next day I taught ‘Notan’ to a full workshop and the results were really good. I’d love to see how they get on with this method of working in the future. Sue made sure I was very well fed and I was asked to come back again: I’d love to!

Dumfries trees by the river

Daf meanwhile had taken his camera into Dumfries town and taken photos, especially along the river. We were distressed to see, in the news, the damage that same river did when it later burst its banks. Our thoughts were with the people of Dumfries.

I’d also like to congratulate Tanya Burlison and the members of Solway Quilters on their exhibition and the £1,284 they raised with their charity quilt for the Childrens’ Hospice Association Scotland.


Wholecloth Workshop with Dyffryn Clwyd Quilters in Rhuthin

The rolling hills around Ruthun, North Wales

On Saturday we were in pretty historical Rhuthin, the county town of Denbighshire: it is built around a hill in the southern part of the fertile and lovely Vale of Clwyd – Dyffryn Clwyd.

Ruthun town view

I was there to teach a Wholecloth Quilt workshop with Dyffryn Clwyd Quilters in the large, well lit hall they use for all their meetings. This was not my first visit and hopefully won’t be my last.

Dorothy Russell Quilt workshop in Ruthun North Wales

It was lovely to see Jean Smith in the group – she was a member of my Beginners’ Course a few years ago. I currently have two other D C Quilters on my Courses and Ceri was there on Saturday, acting as one of my ‘angels’. Thank you to both Ceri and Pippa – I was very well looked after.

Dorothy Russell Quilt workshop in Ruthun North Wales

Bethan Hughes, another DC Quilters member and also a fellow member of Cwilt Cymru popped in with her Mum at lunchtime to say hello. We (Cwilt Cymru) currently have an exhibition in the Futures Gallery at The Pierhead in Cardiff.

Dorothy Russell Quilt workshop in Ruthun North Wales

The day went well and there were times of deep silence in the hall as everyone concentrated on developing her individual design and transfering it to fabric. The results from this workshop are always very personal and lovely. Saturday was no exception.

I rounded off the session with a demonstration of hand quilting and gave everyone a needle. I work with John James size 11 Big Eye Quilting Needles, which are tiny but are the best way to get small, even quilting stitches. The first aim is to get the stitches even, then work at making them smaller. Thimbles are a must!

10th November 2015

New Courses about to Start and Success in a Competition for Jan

Tomorrow, on 3rd September, I will be teaching a new group of Beginners and I’m really looking forward to meeting them all and starting work on a set of beautiful new quilts. This year I have decided to work alongside them, and perhaps put my own slant on the project.

The following week the Intermediate/Advanced Course meets up again: this time we will be working on landscapes, using a couple of different techniques. I’m looking forward to seeing the images from which they have chosen to develop their ideas.

Jan, who completed the Beginners’ course 2014 – 15 and will be a member of Intermediate/Advanced this year, has already had success with her quilt: she gained a First at Aberffraw Show.

Jan's win at Aberffraw show 2015

Also included in the ‘roll of honour’ is Imogen who has done a couple of classes with me, alongside her Mum, Paula, who is a member of Intermediate/Advanced: Imogen passed her GCSE Textiles exam with A* (she also got A* in Maths).

Well done to both of you on your very well deserved successes.


2nd September 2015

A walk around Llyn Idwal at nearly six months!

Today, a mere five and a half months after my hip operation, Daf and I set off from the island (Anglesey) and took ourselves deep into Snowdonia for a little adventure.

We parked by Ogwen Cottage and began walking up hill towards Llyn Idwal: the first stop, however was at the bridge over a beautiful waterfall a very short distance from the car park. I just love taking time to gaze at the water rushing between the rocks and under the wooden bridge. From there we carried on up the well maintained stone path until we got to the lake (llyn), where, once again, we paused to gaze at the brown tinted water.

The waterfall at Ogwen Cottage, Snowdonia

The route then takes you either clockwise or anticlockwise round the lake: we chose to go anticlockwise. The path began to climb again, at first gently, then fairly steeply, but my hip behaved really well and we made it round the upper path until we had a clear view of the lake and the surrounding hills. By this time the sun had burned through the clouds and the lake was reflecting blue.

Dorothy just below The Devil's Kitchen above Llyn Idwal in Snowdonia

The descent back to the lake was slightly quicker, and we sat by the water watching a shoal of tiny fish darting about in the sun warmed water close to the shore: we’d seen a heron a couple of times earlier, but these little fish avoided being lunch for another day.

The rest of the descent was straightforward and after another stop to watch the tumbling cascade of the waterfall, we set off for home. What a sense of achievement!

I’m sure there’s a quilt in there somewhere!

Beginners Course about to start Sept 2015

My Beginners’ Course in Patchwork and Quilting is full and all ready to start on Thursday 3rd September. The handouts are all printed and I’m really looking forward to meeting my new group and getting down to some serious fun!

Beginner Quilt with Dorothy Russell


12th August 2015

Notan in Canada – by Phyllis

A Notan by Phyllis in Canada

A Notan in Canada – by Phyllis

It has been an exciting year so far, but, due to my having a brand new hip, I missed out on a teaching visit to Newfoundland, Canada, which I’d been very much looking forward to. However, all was not lost – I sent Jill the class hand-out for the ‘Notan’ workshop, she took it to the group and they have been working from my notes. The image is of a cushion made by Phyllis – she intends to make another one using a different Notan design. I’ll put other images on the blog as they arrive.


2nd July 2015

Silk Painting Workshop at Talgai Hall, Llandygai

Silk painting workshop at Llandygai by Dorothy Russell

Yesterday was a very quiet day at Talgai Hall – sometimes, when I hold a workshop, the concentration is so profound that you could hear a pin drop: Silk Painting produced just that effect and you can see from the images just how much attention was given to the work.

Silk painting workshop at Llandygai by Dorothy Russell


Silk painting workshop at Llandygai by Dorothy Russell

It looks like a very serious task, but the funny thing is that it’s actually quite relaxing…

…no that’s not quite right – it takes you away from the cares of the world and deposits you in a quiet place where you can concentrate on just one thing… Goodness, now I’m sounding a bit Zen!

Silk painting workshop at Llandygai by Dorothy Russell


Painting on silk gives a beautiful, ethereal result – it is as sensitive as watercolour painting and ideal for delicate subjects like the flower images we worked on.

You can see some of the beautiful results.

Silk painting workshop at Llandygai by Dorothy Russell


Silk painting workshop at Llandygai by Dorothy Russell

For my demonstration piece I chose, as a starting point, a photograph I asked my son to take about ten years ago of some black poppies I had grown in pots on our terrace. On one there was a hoverfly with delicate lacy wings. It may have taken ten years to get round to using the image, but now I’ve started, I’ll definitely develop this theme.

Silk painting workshop at Llandygai by Dorothy Russell


Two more workshops to go at Llandygai:
‘Boutis’ on Sunday 17th May
‘New York Beauty’ on Sunday 24th and 31st May

I also have two at Oriel Ynys Mon in the gallery surrounded by my exhibition:
Folded Paper Applique‘ on Tuesday 12th May
Notan‘ on Monday 1st June


Opening of my Exhibition at Oriel Ynys Mon, Anglesey

26th April 2015

I had an absolute ball yesterday.

Dorothy Russell exhibition of Quilt Art. Oriel Ynys Mon Galery

Oriel Ynys Mon gallery. Dorothy Russell Quilt Artist exhibition Apr 25 – Jun 7, 2015

Lots of people came to my exhibition opening, friends, neighbours and many I didn’t know. Between 12:00 and 14:00 I talked to as many as possible and it was wonderful sharing my work and getting positive feedback.

I haven’t read what visitors wrote in the comments book yet but I gather they were all complimentary!

Lots of people are going to come back and I will be popping in from time to time: it’s amazing to see your own work hanging in a beautiful gallery; it gives you a new perspective.

A big thank you to Nicola and all members of staff at Oriel Ynys Mon for giving me the opportunity to show my work in this special gallery and for their lovely comments.


Exhibition Opening

After three days of decision making and hard graft, all the work is on the walls and my exhibition is ready for its official opening!

Dorothy Russell Textile Art Exhibition at Oriel Ynys Mon April-June 2015

See you at Oriel Ynys Mon Saturday 25th April between 12:00 and 14:00. The gallery is open every day from 10:30 – 17:00.


‘Textiles in Transition’ Oriel Ynys Mon (The Anglesey Gallery) 25th April – 7th June 2015

Beyond the Wall 1. Art Quilt by Dorothy Russell

The official opening of my exhibition, ‘Textiles in Transition’, is on Saturday 25th April between 12:00 and 14:00. It will be in the Main Gallery at Oriel Ynys Mon (The Anglesey Gallery) in Llangefni.


During my exhibition I will be teaching two workshops in the gallery, surrounded by my work.

  • ‘Folded Paper Applique’ on Tuesday 12th May 10:00 – 16:00
  • ‘Notan’ on Monday 1st June 10:00 – 16:00. (images)
  • Each workshop costs £30.00 for a place.
  • Contact the gallery for further information and to book.

    Folded paper applique:  Dorothy Russell Quilt workshop at Oriel Ynys Mon (Anglesey gallery) 2015.

    Folded paper applique

    Notan:  Dorothy Russell Quilt workshop at Oriel Ynys Mon (Anglesey gallery) 2015.


    Oriel Ynys Mon is a lovely gallery with good facilities- in addition to the Main Gallery it also has a gallery dedicated to the paintings and drawings of Sir Kyffin Williams, a history gallery which is very child friendly, a shop and a cafe.

    Oriel Ynys Môn,
    Ynys Môn
    LL77 7TQ

    For further information call: 01248 724444

    Opening Hours: Daily 10.30 a.m – 5.00 p.m
    Admission free


First Workshop After My Hip Operation

Yesterday I taught Machine Quilting at Talgai Hall and it was lovely to get back to work after my hip operation. Everyone worked hard and the room was very quiet: you can see the concentration in every face.

machine Quilting class by Dorothy Russell 2015

Machine quilting is always a tricky workshop as it’s all about the technique, followed by hours of practising and polishing; and not about the piece of fabric you take home with you, but it’s very rewarding to see everyone taking big steps towards learning about their machines and how to control ‘stitch in the ditch’ and following a straight line, avoiding slippage of the quilt layers, while also learning and practising more decorative free-motion filling stitches.

machine Quilting workshop by Dorothy Russell

If you can draw something without taking your pencil off the paper, you can machine quilt it – so there’s a lot of freedom to plan and execute your own ideas once you master the basic technique. It’s fun too.

Talgai Hall was the village primary school and is next door to a very pretty church and well tended churchyard…

Llandegai Church. bangor Gwynedd

…so with the doors open during the workshop, we had the constant sound of birdsong in the background. The village was built to serve Castell Penrhyn, a magnificent National Trust property whose grounds border the hall’s carpark.

It’s a wonderful place to hold workshops.

I still have three workshops left to teach in this series:

  • Silk Painting on Sunday 3rd May
  • Boutis on Sunday 17th May
  • New York Beauty on Sunday 24th and 31st May

  • Dorothy
    20 April 2015

Last day of Beginners 2015

End of the Beginners and Intermediate/Advanced Courses until September.

I missed one Intermediate session completely because I had a hip replacement operation, but managed to make a flying visit to the last Beginners and Intermediate sessions where they were doing very well without me!!!

I thought you might like to see some of the Beginners’ quilts – I think they’re stunning and I’m really proud of all of them. Enjoy.

One month today to my solo exhibition, ‘Textiles in Transition’ opens, at Oriel Ynys Môn on Anglesey.

Dorothy Russell Quilt Courses. last day of Beginners March 2015

Dorothy Russell

25th March 2015

Oriel Ynys Môn ‘What’s On’ Booklet and ‘Follow Your Bliss Café’ Bangor

I picked up a couple of Oriel Ynys Môn (The Anglesey Gallery) booklets for our guests, then one for me: I’m in this one and who can resist a picture of themselves in a publication. My exhibition, ‘Textiles in Transition’, runs from 25th April to 7th June. I’ve nearly finished all the work and I’m making lists and trying to sort out prices (the hard bit!). I’m beginning to get a bit excited – there’s nothing like seeing your own work hanging in a lovely gallery.

Dorothy Russell Quilt Artist

Pick up a booklet and come along to see my exhibition.

Better still, come to one of my One or Two day Workshops and start to learn about Textiles, particularly Patchwork and Quilting – I have to warn you though, it’s addictive!

Today was fun. Daf and I popped out to a new café in Bangor, opened just two days ago by an acquaintance of ours, Lesley Wills – she’s also a personal trainer with much more than a passing interest in nutrition. The big news is that the café is totally gluten-free and serves the best coffee (Poblado – roasted in Groeslon! – really, look it up!) and very tasty, fresh, healthy food. What more could you ask for? Don’t worry if you’re not gluten-free – the food still tastes as good – try it. Crepes with lots of good ingredients and no guilty conscience! What’s not to like?!

Follow your Bliss cafe, Bangor. Gwynedd.

Find them at 47 High Street, Bangor. LL57 1NR. 01248 361700