‘Textiles in Transition’ Textile Art by Dorothy Russell at Ucheldre, Holyhead. 26th April to 29th May 2017

Textiles in Transition, my exhibition of Quilted Textile Art

Space Beyond. Textile Art by Dorothy Russell  

‘Textiles in Transition’ is my current Textile Art exhibition, it is a display comprising twenty one pieces of work based in Quilting. It is always a privilege being offered the opportunity to exhibit work to the public. I feel particular warmth towards the gallery so many thanks to Mike Gould, Ucheldre’s artistic director, for the invitation. Thanks also to all the staff for being so helpful and welcoming. Ucheldre is a charismatic building for an exhibition space and theatre. The exhibition opening was today, Saturday 29th April.

My Talks

Mike invited me to deliver an opening talk on ‘Textiles in Transition’ in the theatre area. Eunice Lord’s busy WEA Quilt group shared the exhibition opening. I deliver talks on my textile art whilst the pieces of work are held up, visible, to the audience by my assistant and Obedient Husband. My work is hanging in the gallery, on the other side of the wall, so I depended on interesting descriptions to enthuse my audience of Quilters.

Dorothy Russell exhibition of Textile Art at Ucheldre Holyhead

In my talks, I like to explain a little about my background, then describe my exhibited work in detail. I like to describe each piece’s development with historical inspiration and something of the source material and techniques I use. I was delighted to have my sister-in-law, Catrin, in the audience, along with Edna, a member of my Intermediate group. They knew more about my talk than I did!.

I spoke on Textiles in Transition for about an hour and at the end received a round of applause – always reassuring!. Later, I made myself available for questions in the Ucheldre gallery, and spoke to some lovely and enthusiastic guests.

Dorothy Russell at her Ucheldre exhibition talking to guests

Finally, I will be teaching a ‘Free Machine Quilting’ workshop at Llandygai Hall tomorrow where one of the ladies present at the gallery will be in the group – well two actually – Edna will be there and I can’t wait!