About Dorothy

A steady breeze, a gentle sea, sunshine and a quilt’ what more could a girl ask for?… The tactile and visual qualities of fabrics and yarns combined with the textural surfaces developed through piecing, layering, manipulating, painting and embellishing… are intoxicating

Dorothy is a Quilt Artist and Teacher living in North Wales. Textiles have been the love of her life since she was a child. She accepts commissions, exhibits and gives talks on her Quilting to Quilt groups. She also teaches Patchwork and Quilting to student Quilt Artists in North Wales, Cheshire and the North West of England

My work can veer from traditional to contemporary in an apparently irrational manner, but always at its heart is a fascination with the materials themselves. Silk particularly attracts me with its lustrous quality and glowing acceptance of paints and dyes. I cannot imagine working in any other medium – there is so much yet to achieve.

I am a blend of wife, mother, quilter, interior designer, lecturer, dancer, sailor, builder…….. standard woman”.

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