Talk and Workshop with Solway Quilters in Dumfries

Dumfries Bridge Nov 2015

On 20th November, we travelled up the M6 and crossed the border into Scotland, heading for the home of our lovely hosts Sue and Peter. When they lived in North Wales Sue had been one of my students and it was lovely to have the opportunity to see her again and meet Peter (and their lovely cats). We were immediately made to feel very welcome and thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

It wasn’t just a social visit however, that evening I gave a talk about my work to Solway Quilters – they were a lively, welcoming and interested group and it was lovely responding to all their questions – Daf was as busy as I was: after all the experience he’s had of talks and my work, he’s well qualified! We didn’t leave the hall until well after ten and it was a slightly icy drive back to Sue and Peter’s.

Dorothy Russell Workshop with Solway Quilters in Dumfries

The next day I taught ‘Notan’ to a full workshop and the results were really good. I’d love to see how they get on with this method of working in the future. Sue made sure I was very well fed and I was asked to come back again: I’d love to!

Dumfries trees by the river

Daf meanwhile had taken his camera into Dumfries town and taken photos, especially along the river. We were distressed to see, in the news, the damage that same river did when it later burst its banks. Our thoughts were with the people of Dumfries.

I’d also like to congratulate Tanya Burlison and the members of Solway Quilters on their exhibition and the £1,284 they raised with their charity quilt for the Childrens’ Hospice Association Scotland.