New Courses about to Start and Success in a Competition for Jan

Tomorrow, on 3rd September, I will be teaching a new group of Beginners and I’m really looking forward to meeting them all and starting work on a set of beautiful new quilts. This year I have decided to work alongside them, and perhaps put my own slant on the project.

The following week the Intermediate/Advanced Course meets up again: this time we will be working on landscapes, using a couple of different techniques. I’m looking forward to seeing the images from which they have chosen to develop their ideas.

Jan, who completed the Beginners’ course 2014 – 15 and will be a member of Intermediate/Advanced this year, has already had success with her quilt: she gained a First at Aberffraw Show.

Jan's win at Aberffraw show 2015

Also included in the ‘roll of honour’ is Imogen who has done a couple of classes with me, alongside her Mum, Paula, who is a member of Intermediate/Advanced: Imogen passed her GCSE Textiles exam with A* (she also got A* in Maths).

Well done to both of you on your very well deserved successes.


2nd September 2015