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Last Session of the Beginners’ Course 2015-16.

I can never believe how quickly time flies: it seems like hardly any time since the first class last September and here we are on the last day of the Course.

I’ve really enjoyed teaching this group and most of them will be back in September on the Intermediate Course.

I always love to see how each quilt takes on its own personality and you can see for yourself how the layout is adapted by choice of pattern, colour and block design, to reflect each maker. It’s this individualisation which makes teaching so interesting and rewarding.

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These are some of my students with their Beginners’ Quilts

The last class was about putting a hanger and label on each quilt, so everyone had to decide on a name for her quilt – the label contains the maker’s name, the place she comes from, the quilt name and the year it was made. Actually most of the quilts still have hand quilting to complete but you can see in the images how they will look when entirely finished.

Last session of Beginners Course 2016 by Dorothy Russell

We marked the day with a ‘Pot Luck Lunch’ where everyone brought food to share and we enjoyed a very good meal. I always enjoy lunchtime, not just because of the food, but because we have some very interesting conversations; sometimes funny, sometimes stimulating, usually both.

Although there was an end of term feel to the end of the day, I can look forward to seeing most of ‘The Beginners’ during my ‘One and Two Day Workshops between April and June.

11th March 2016