Dot Russell Blog 28th July 2012

I have designed the new quilt for the Beginners Course which starts this September, but no pics it’s a secret until I show my students!

Amanda, an American post graduate student of Theatre Design, currently based in Edinburgh, came to stay with us to do workshops in patchwork/quilting. Apart from a rapid visit to Beaumaris castle to a special Medieval event, Amanda hardly had time to breathe. In one to one sessions we managed to get through four workshops in two days – this is not to be recommended but she had come a long way and I wanted to make her journey worthwhile! I hope the work she did with me will be of use to her in her project.

On Thursday 26th I went to a Region 13 CQ meeting, a workshop in the use of stabilizer, specifically for 3D, taken by Kristina Hughes. I can’t usually get to these meetings which are held every two months on Thursdays – I teach on Thursdays! This session, however fell in my summer break, so, for once, I could get there. It was good to get together with other contemporary quilters – refreshment for a teacher being taught! Thanks Kristina.


28th July 2012