Wholecloth and Machine Quilting Workshops

9th May 2013

Wholecloth and Machine Quilting are now completed – both busy workshops. I look forward to seeing some of the completed wholecloth quilts when they’re finished: the designs, drawn out on fabric and partly quilted, already look really good and once the magic of stitch brings them to life, I know they’ll more than live up to that promise.

Dorothy Russell machine Quilting Workshop

Machine Quilting is more about learning a technique, which can then be practised and practised and applied wherever it’s required. I love the fact that people leave the class more relaxed and confident with the though of using this technique in their quilts.

Dorothy Russell machine Quilting Workshop

Next Thursday I’ll be teaching Reverse Applique (link the words ‘reverse applique’ to the it’s page in the ‘workshops section) which is a great technique with an element of surprise in it every time: I’m looking forward to seeing the results.