I Must Remain Calm for the NEC

Contemporary Quilt Exhibition for Festival of Quilts


I Must Remain Calm. Art Quilt. Dorothy Russell

Well, I believe I work well to deadlines, but this time I think I took it to the wire…

I had been intent on making a piece of work for the ‘Horizons’ exhibition at the NEC but getting everything ready for my own exhibition ‘Emotions and Chocolates’ at Ucheldre Holyhead took priority as I watched the deadline getting closer and closer.

Once my Ucheldre exhibition opened, I mentioned ‘Horizons’ to Daf… he said “just do it” – so I started – with just four days to the deadline!

Well, it took three days – and I got to eat and sleep.

The name of the hanging – ‘I Must Remain Calm’!

29th June 2013