Happy New Year!

Another new year and there’s a lot to fit in – masses of quilting ideas to resolve and have fun with. I have joined the Anglesey Open Studios this year, so please come along, meet me and see some of my work. Then, in June, I have an exhibition at Ucheldre – more anon! I have so many ideas, I don’t know how I’ll find time to bring them all to fruition, but, believe me, I’ll try. Next Thursday, I’ll see my Beginners again, and hopefully they will have their quilt tops assembled, so it’ll be exciting for us all to see how they all look. The following week, it will be the turn of my Intermediate group to start assembling, quilting and embellishing their Art Quilts — they’re already looking amazing.
Dorothy Russell Quilt Workshops 2013. tjanting


Jan, a member of the Intermediate group, brought in a beautiful batik she had made in the Far East some time ago — the piece was stunning; the culmination of many hours of work. She also brought in a basket of batik equipment she had brought home with her. I’m very lucky, because Jan gave me a bamboo handle and two tjan-tings from her collection. I’m looking forward to trying them, because they’re so much finer than the rather unsatisfactorily ‘blobby’ one I have had for years. I’ll be using Soya Wax rather than the usual type, because it can be removed with water, thus making the process less fiddly. Dorothy January 2013