I recently handed over the ‘Breila’ quilt to its new owner, Sharon.

Breila means rose in old Welsh and the quilt is based on the historical character Siwan (Joan/Joanna), daughter of King John, who was married to Llewelyn ap Iorwerth (Llewelyn the Great), Prince of Gwynedd. They lived in various courts around their principality, travelling from one to another. When Siwan died, Llewelyn founded a friary in Llanfaes, near Beaumaris, to her memory; she was buried there, but now her sarcophagus is in the porch of St Mary’s Church in Beaumaris. Llewelyn’s name for Siwan is believed to have been Breila.

Breila. Pieced contemporary by Dorothy Russell

Sharon is very happy with her quilt.

Click here to see the Breila quilt in my portfolio.