‘We Stand Surrounded by the Work of Thieves’

This is a detail from a piece in my portfolio – a work I have recently completed.


I was na├»ve enough to be horrified by the greed and corruption exposed during the financial ‘crash’ within the banking sector. Greed and corruption, of course, are not only evident in one sector of society: the expenses scandal among our Members of Parliament was shocking and further undermined faith in the quality of our ‘leaders’.

Greed, bribery and corruption, like the poor, it would seem, are always with us.
Stung by these thoughts and feeling impotent in the face of them, I set about responding through my work. I felt a need to mark and communicate my distress at the system and its major failings which are founded in greed and theft.

The work is blue and understated, hiding its serpentine message in intertwining words which are subtle and need to be searched for in the same way that the manoeuvrings of the powerful are disguised and secretive. There are also words which appear in the background machine quilting, though many difficult to decipher or simply not legible.

Although this piece of work has not ‘changed the world’, it has offered some little satisfaction to me in knowing that I have made a statement and expressed my frustration.